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What have you learned by watching the Reds


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Over the years have any of your illusions about football been shattered by what you've seen from LFC.


I can think of a few but one that still ocasionally crops up in the media is 'always play your best 11' as if the names by themselves should pick themselves regardless of tactics, form, the opposition. Its usually from people like Charlie Nicholas but Souness often alluded to it with his obsession with 'top top players' not needing any coaching or tactics. Rotation of your players was seen as the act of an idiot ( the tinkerman ffs) but less so now (Mourinho is a genius when he changes his players) . Did a lot of our fans wise up when Rafa developed a squad where we could be without a good few of our best players and still pull off results against Juventus ?


Another one is the old 'missing piece in the jigsaw' There was a time when we'd be reckoned to be one player from greatness. Under Roy Evans this went on for years but each season following the arrival of said missing piece, another part of the jigsaw got lost or eaten by the dog.


Are there any football cliches still perpetuated that you'd like to see everyone wise up to ?

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