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Is it time for Live televised games at 3pm on a Saturday?


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Looking at the fixtures you will notice that we play 8 games until we have a 3pm kick off, even then nothing is guaranteed as Sky can and do change things as they wish. Little thought goes to the travelling fans who just cannot make very early or late kick off's.

I think it could be time to consider selling TV season tickets to fans. With the availability of digital satellite it is now possible to sell individual team live games to fans for a season. You could be watching your team play at 3pm on a Saturday from the comfort of your chair.


There are arguements against this, they (whoever they are) claim that crowds would drop. I'm not so sure. We sell out for all of our Premiership games as it is, away tickets are scarce and we never get enough. Thousands upon thousands of fans flock to pubs to watch the continental channels showing our games LIVE. So even if numbers dropped I am sure there would be more than enough people willing to take their tickets from them.


With just a dish, the right receiver and a channel card bought on the internet you too could be watching LIVE games on your own television each week. Why should that cash be going abroad and out of the game, when with the right deal the money could be going back into football to help some of the less well off clubs or to improve the game.


With this in mind the arguement against is mute, it is high time fans were given the chance to buy their teams games LIVE on SKY.


opinions please?

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