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  1. chrisbonnie


    Just have it in the Emirates. The games there are always behind closed doors 😁
  2. chrisbonnie

    Joe Gomez

    what did the big man say about Gomez?
  3. This pandemic lockdown is getting more annoying by the day, Especially now that utd are getting linked with every Tom, dick and Harry. Yesterday it was all, jadon sancho is all but done, Now today its de ligt. Oh, and Saul niguez to just to put the icing on the cake. All this going in while we're about to be robbed of the most obvious league win in f***ing history.
  4. its nearly annoying looking at someone that talelented with a football. It looks so bloody easy to him, like being sat beside the best kid at art in school. While you struggle to draw a stick man, the other lad seems to do f*** all differently to you but ends up with the second coming of the Sistene Chapel.
  5. just watched it last night. I was nearly 9 when Italia 90 happened, and if im being honest, i cant rmember the 86 world cup, but always remember the "Hand Of God" Obviously Maradona has always been regarded as one of the greats, but only after watching that documentary did i realise how good he actually was. I always presumed Napoli where a top team when he went there, but in reality they where f***ing s***e, and had never won the league. With all due respect to Ronaldo, Messi, Zidane etc........They where always in the best teams, Maradona went to a s*** team and made them great, add that to the fact he helped Argentina win a world cup, that proves just how bloody amazing the guy was. The best perhaps?, yeah, possibly............
  6. thats a truly hideous looking shirt. i think id rather go back to talking about the coronavirus than look at it. Shocking
  7. chrisbonnie


    Irelands as well. Our league is only 5 games into the season actually. Obviously called off like everyone else though....
  8. chrisbonnie


    My villa supporting mate came up with a great idea if it does get cancelled Simply give Liverpool the league, automatically promote Leeds and West brom, no relegation and have a 22 team league next season.
  9. chrisbonnie


    Very It's equivalent of losing all day then deciding "next game wins" Surely it won't come to that
  10. They only s*** thing about us winning this league, in this year, will be the change we may win it behind closed doors. And I hate to say there's a massive possibility this will happen. I just hope City somehow lose to either arsenal or Burnley so we can drill Everton and win it with fans there to see it. This team deserves that at the very least for such an amazing season.
  11. chrisbonnie


    Why do you need lidocaine injecting in your head by the way? Surely in not the only curious one here?
  12. I read a great article, write in by some spurs fan over in football 365 just now. I didn't watch the spurs and Burnley game but Mourinho had the audacity and cheek to start with 5 centre halves. Who the f*** does that. Anyway, here's the quote I found most amusing Maybe Mourinho isn’t the loser in all this. He got his point and got to make one. "Maybe it’s Spurs who are the losers for being the canvas at which he currently flings his s***"
  13. is he really that good though? ive seen the odd bit of him ,here and there, and he's good obviously, but best player of a generation good? i dont think so.
  14. I'm sorry, but it won't. That's Messi or Ronaldo money for me
  15. He's not wrong, but van dijk was just as culpable today. The 3rd goal he was just ball watching, very rookie mistake. f*** it, dust ourselves off and go again. Because that was pathetic Well done to Watford though, deserved their 3 points
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