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  1. I don't think I could disagree more. Wijnaldum is easily one of our best midfielders, his ability till regain possession is so underrated. I'm not saying your man thiago isn't better, because in truth I haven't really seen him play so I can't have a valid opinion on him. But wijnaldum strikes me as a guy you'd like to replace but his level rises the tougher the competition
  2. I don't think we need sancho, is he better than either salah or mane? Probably not. Ideally we'd find a similar player to firmino, only one that scores more goals.....
  3. But on who though? Unless they sign Messi and Ronaldo, they still won't have a better strike force than us. And unless they sign Alison, they won't have a better keeper either. Same with their full backs.
  4. chrisbonnie


    Not fit enough to lace his boots. Oh do f*** off Murphy you cheap Chester, midget Jason Statham lookalike.... So neither of alisson, van dijk, trent, mane, salah, firmino, Henderson are fit enough to lace his boots.... In s*** statements ex footballers say, that really is up there with the s***est...
  5. Lallana barely featured though. I hate to stand in the way of young lads progression. But if you're good enough, you just get into the team.
  6. i really think he's too slow for our system. Its fairly common knowledge Klopp hasnt got time for slow players, his philosophy on football is it needs to be played at a certain pace, and if the player isnt fast, then they're suitable. Very good player mind
  7. chrisbonnie


    I won't, it'll be f***ing excellent
  8. I actually watched one half. I have to agree, it was pathetic. Bayern, dortmund, gladbach, Leverkusen all looked on it from the get go though. No denying that
  9. ive watched a few of these games from the restart, and besides Palace last night, every team has looked unfit and like they're still in pre-season, and i even include Man City in that. The standard of football in these opening games compared to the Bundesliga has been night and day. Ive no reason why, but the bundesliga teams looked very sharp, the Prem teams look absolutely woeful
  10. didnt the c*** score a worldy free kick against us a few years. An absolute rocket from a mile out, cant remember the game but it meant something, champions league, fa cup or something? he doesnt nothing but f*** up back passes against the rest of the league, yet gets a worldy against us......
  11. I just looked at there myself. I barely recognised 3 names. That's the worst arsenal team I've seen in a very long time.
  12. 😆😆😆 in modern terms, thats MILES over the line, it has to be said the premierleague officials or whoever organises all the technology, coulnt organise a piss up in a brewery.
  13. chrisbonnie


    I have wondered to myself. Will this victory upcoming title soon be the most watched title win in history, seeing as their f*** all else to buy watch TV at the minute? It's fairly common knowledge Utd won the first premier league which coincided with larger TV audiences so obviously they gained way more fans because of it. I suppose I'm asking, can the same happen with us now??
  14. isnt Dembele a bit s***, plus loves playing playstation so much he misses training over it? nah, i cant see Klopp putting up with that kind of s***e
  15. If Klopp wanted him, we would have bought him. End of.
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