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  1. I rarely post here. I had to tonight though. f***ing hell - what a team of heroes.
  2. They are. I just read it as "from Liverpool to prestigious clubs" meaning we weren't part of that group to borrow a Rodgers phrase. Probably reading far too much into nothing really. I've not had any sleep
  3. "From here to prestigious clubs" That doesn't sound right.
  4. DJM

    Gigs 2013

    Thus far only Frightened Rabbit and Sigur Ros. Coming up 4 Depeche Mode (London, Munich, Dublin and Glasgow) and 2 x Suede. More Depeche to come in 2014 too
  5. The Rafa podcast was fantastic - great work.
  6. Hearts 5 Hibs 1 from last season's Scottish Cup Final. They're still gloating
  7. Pipeline - Deepche Mode (Construction Time Again) Lie To Me - Depeche Mode (Some Great Reward)
  8. DJM


    The castle's far too priecy for what it is. Go to Mary Kings Close on the High Street http://www.realmarykingsclose.com/ It's amazing Pubs wise, the Grassmarket is decent at the weekend.
  9. To be fair to SiClancy he heard about Huth from a mutual friend of ours who heard it from Huth himself. Was posted or tweeted in good faith
  10. DJM

    Best gigs of 2010

    1. Arcade Fire SECC - best I've seen them perform 2. Depeche Mode - O2 - still brilliant 3. LCD Soundsystem Glasgow Barrowlands - if you havent seen them live you have to 4. Hot Chip O2 Academy Glasgow - same as LCD
  11. Is a Judicial Review not more for reviews of complaints aruising from statutes? Up here we have specific procedures for Actions of Declarator - that type of action would be the type Broughton would raise up here in this scenario. Do the English Courts have a similar procedure?
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