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Saturday's World Cup matches


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thinking about experience to be honest. though baines is a better defender than shaw as it stands, yes, shaw's a completely unproven kid. if you'd said replace baines with ashley cole for this match i'd possibly be with you.




gerrard's england's captain, best player, penalty taker and dead-ball delivery specialist. play him in a three with two lads closing everything down around him and winning the ball back for him and gaining him time and space and you might see more of the proper gerrard.

he played good football with coutinho as the third midfielder so he doesn't need the extra Allen/Milner/Lucas character there. Lallana could work on that basis.

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ultimately a worse result, but think that the major difference in nature of performance between this game and the one in the euros v italy was england actually managing to win some ball in dangerous areas, as well as the threat they carried running with it. think front 4 critical to that, as the rest of team seemed to be set up in pretty low block, certainly through central corridor. welbeck important to that in my view, even if he doesn't always make the right choices with ball.

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Argentina have been rubbish to be fair

Don't see the point in playing Aguero, he offers nothing to this team. Iran showing that hustle and pressure can make any team look average. Messi getting very little space and time means Argentina are struggling to create decent chances.

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