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Our players on international duty


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Lucas is playing for Brazil against Iran at the moment. They're 1-0 up after 15 mins.


Agger is injured and isn't playing for Denmark against Meireles and Portugal tomorrow.


Has Torres been called up for Spain? f***ing hope not!

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Poulsen having a mare against Portugal. Just gifted them their second goal with some embarrassingly sloppy passing. Vintage Poulsen.


Jovanovic was subbed at half time for Serbia. Don't know if he's injured.


Serbia were abysmal as they have been for a while and Jova wasn't much better. Had a few quid on Estonia at 17/1. So i'm happy :yes:


Poulsen can feck off

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Portugal vs Denmark. Poulsen at the centre of nearly every attacking move, although you can catch a glimpse of Meireles here and there.




Oh my f***ing God!! The way he just cares f*** all after losing the ball at 2:45 is absolutely appalling! Gives away possession and then walks away leaving the two defenders to deal with his mistake. He should be dropped, sacked and shot because of his s***ty attitude. Unforgivable!!

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