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  1. He'll no longer command an English homegrown premium if he stays at Dortmund for another year.
  2. Homegrown if we get him soon. Younger.
  3. Sancho will have to move to the PL soon to qualify as PL homegrown. His agent will probably be lining up a move to an English club this summer, any English club.
  4. Dwight McNeil? Left footed left/right winger, comfortable on the ball, does a shift defensively.
  5. I'd like to see Dwight McNeil.
  6. You've never heard of Phil Babb? He's the bloke who did the crossbar challenge with his testicles.
  7. We were linked in May. It's probably a rehashed story from before our interest in Adrian.
  8. Didn't they only have 1 striker in the squad? They needed another one anyway, whatever else happened.
  9. It makes sense if you're shooting at goal. If you're not, then you want your playmaker to find space wherever he can. Hence the DLPM who doesn't score much plays deep, where there is likely to be more space, and central, where he can play to either flank. Except Trent can play to the opposite flank from RB as easily as if he were playing in the middle. There isn't much that Trent has shown he can do elsewhere that he can't do from where he is now.
  10. Osaka player scores against Man Utd in pre-season friendly in 2013
  11. He was west Asian, not east Asian.
  12. Mane IIRC, after Gotze rejected us.
  13. Inter fans don't want him back. Apparently he's slow thinking and clumsy. What is generally recognised is that the South American leagues are much weaker than they were, with all the promising youngsters (such as he used to be) poached by European clubs, and only those who don't merit the attention of European clubs remaining.
  14. A bit like Sterling was when he was here?
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