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  1. It's reputedly one of McAteer's daft quotes.
  2. It's the last window where he can move to an English club and be classed as English homegrown, with the wage bonus that entails. One more window and he'll only be homegrown for German leagues, which are much lower paid.
  3. sangria

    FSG Watch...

    Red Sox fans will empathise. We went 30 years without a title. They went 80-odd years after getting rid of Babe Ruth, after having been the dominant team previously. IIRC the Red Sox, since breaking that duck, have been the most successful team in their league since.
  4. Probably the ex-player that I hate the most.
  5. sangria


    Nulling the season isn't an option in his edition of Football Manager.
  6. sangria


    He must be doubled up, to look smaller than Houghton next to him.
  7. sangria


    Is that Mike Marsh on the bottom left?
  8. Whelan would fit into any side.
  9. Possibly the Souness transfer that most upset me. Can't remember whether it was because we got rid of Marsh, whom I rated, or whether it was because we got Dicks, whom I didn't.
  10. I'd say it's a factor in getting ramped up wages. Unless you can establish yourself as a fixture in one of the Spanish giants, the PL is well known as the biggest payers in the world, and one of the reasons why players all over the world dream of playing here. Doubly so if you are English and can guarantee a spot in the big teams.
  11. He'll be German for qualification purposes after this summer. This summer is the last window in which he can join an English club and be PL homegrown.
  12. He'll no longer command an English homegrown premium if he stays at Dortmund for another year.
  13. Homegrown if we get him soon. Younger.
  14. Sancho will have to move to the PL soon to qualify as PL homegrown. His agent will probably be lining up a move to an English club this summer, any English club.
  15. Dwight McNeil? Left footed left/right winger, comfortable on the ball, does a shift defensively.
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