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  1. Murillo


    Decent start this.
  2. He does look faster than usual though..
  3. Noone that is anywhere near ready for our first team, no.
  4. Murillo

    The Apprentice

    why wasn't Stuart in one of the teams in the final then?
  5. Murillo

    The Apprentice

    Maybe he lied about that field of ponies?
  6. First half, yes. Approach the second half when we're 1 up like we did today and we will throw away more leads than we keep.
  7. Fitting soundtrack on this one as well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VpprauI19k The last player we bought from Sociedad was quite decent, wasnt he?
  8. Pepe and Nando can tell him all about how brilliant playing under Roy is..
  9. Meireles went walk-about. £5 says Roy will blame him for everything and say that we would have won 5-0 with Poulsen playing.
  10. Poulsen had an affair with Thicks? That explains a lot...
  11. why is the US likely to get another one already?
  12. Miners and scousers celebrating on Thatchers birthday, who'd have thunk?
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