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My false hope

Igors Uncle Dave

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Today the excitement of the closing day of the transfer window, I hoped that perhaps the media had it all wrong and that we would make a closing day transfer coup. Perhaps the stories of the transfer money for Xabi going to pay off some of the Hicks/Gillette debts was all media hype to try to stir things up even further.


I waited with baited breath jumping onto various media sites looking for the tell tale **BREAKING NEWS FROM ANFIELD**. As the day went on the anticipation grew but the hopes started to fade. The deadline came and passed along with my hopes.


Now we have to face the fact that we are on the slippery slope with little to look forward to in the near, or perhaps, distant future. The Two Americans are here now for the future and are extremely unlikely to sell, their efforts now intent on selling good players to pay off the club debt.


So who will be next?


Gerrard has stated that he wants to stay but now in the light of the continuing negativity of the Americans, can we truly believe that he would want to continue his association with the club he has been with all of his footballing life? It is clearly obvious that the Americans are only here to make money and what better way to clear the debts than to sell off top assets like Gerrard, Torres etc. Yes agreed it would not help the club itself but, in the short term and for them, they wouldnt care. Knowing that there could be a massive profit if a middle east buyer came in willing to plough money into the club.


The one person I really feel for is Rafa, this guy is a top manager but his stay at the club will not last long and, for what its worth, I dont see him staying until the end of the season. The false promises and the back stabbing he has had to endure, have been enough to make many a lesser man leave. It is difficult to know what is going on behind doors but the little snipets that have come out, do little to clear any of the doubts.


So for the future. All we can do is to wait and hope that out there, there is someone who is willing to make a massive sacrifice and buy us out of this mess.


As for David Moores and Rick Parry, thanks.

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