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Igors Uncle Dave

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5 years or so ago there was much speculation as the Houllier era was coming to a close that VDV was going to be a Lierpool player, the young Dutchman was being acclaimed as the best thing to come from Holland in well over a decade. The speculation rose and in the end nothing came of it. Just like the calls before he was spotted in the Wirral looking at houses along with Zidane (where did Ivan go???)


So now, the new talking point is our very own Xabi Alonso. I think there is not a true red amongst us that really wants the lad to go but, if he has his mind made up, then he must be allowed to leave. Better and bigger players have left Liverpool FC and the time is coming that this certain midfield General will find patures new with the mighty Real Madrid.


The story seems to have dragged on for an eternity and for this writer, I just want the whole episode behind me so that we can work on the Liverpool team for the future. This brings me nicely onto the Real madrid stance and their refusal to pay the asking price for Xabi. The problem is Perez and his stubborness to fashion the deal, perhaps he paid over the odds for Ronaldo?


The asking price for Xabi is exactly what any other team would be asking yet Madrid are reluctant to pay the full price and so VDV comes into the equation. I seem to recall that his asking price was about £8 to£10m 5 or 6 6 years ago, perhaps £10m now?


I think we will all admit that one of the first things we do when we are linked with a player today is to google and youtube him. Many big names look fantastic on youtube, look at Liverpools version of Rick Parfitt!!! Voronin was a hero prior to joining Liverpool and his time with the club is well expired IMO. But, VdV is a quality player and could give us additional creativity up front. Whether he is the answer to the Alonso saga, only time will tell but for me I think it would be a good time to bring the lad in.


£20m + VdV for Alonso, anyone?

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