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Our more unfashionable players - take a bow


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Who would have thought, at the start of the season, that if Gerrard and Torres were only to start 13 league games together, that we would have accrued a record total of points in a Premiership season, and pushed the scum to 4 points.


The reason is because our more unfashionable players have stepped up to the mark in some style.


There are four that spring to my mind immediately.


If we can get a player of the calibre of Tevez on board, keep Gerrard and Torres fitter for longer periods, and these players can keep up the standard they have set this season, we will take some beating next year.


In reverse order, massive credit is due to ;


Fabio Aurelio ; nailed down the left back position from Dossena. Will face stiff competition from Insua next season, but that can only be good. Has improved the defensive side of his game immensely. Stood up to the mark and showed leadership at vital stages when it was badly needed. Portsmouth away in the league, Chelsea away in the CL, and who can forget his bone crunching tackle on Robben!


Alvaro Arbeloa ; Carra was very harsh with him today. Considering he is the only recognised, reliable right back in our first team squad, he has had a super season. I thought Rafa might live to regret letting Finnan go, as I initially felt Arbeloa was a far inferior player, but it is teastament to him that Finnan has not been missed. This is because Arbeloa has performed with a consistency which epitomised Finnan in his prime. We still need another right back brought in to provide competition, and to strengthen the squad, but he will have some job displacing Arbeloa, whoever he is.


Yossi Benayoun ; I must admit that up to a few months ago, I was not a fan, at all. Yossi has really stepped up to the mark. He assumed the Gerrard mantle in that he was our main creative driving force in many games when it really mattered. In addition to leadership, he also showed a courage, which I, for one, never thought that he had. His goal against Arsenal at home to put us two one up, when he nearly crippled himself off the post, says it all about Yossi's commitment to the cause.


DIRK KUYT ; As was the case with Yossi, a few months ago, I would not have lost any sleep had Rafa offloaded him. Show me a more effective attacking right sided midfield player in the Premiership. 14 goals is a massive return. His all round game, work rate, and contribution to the team cannot be called into question. He may not be every fan's cup of tea, and it could still be argued, that to beat the scum to no. 19 next season, we may need a different type of player on the right of our midfield, but Dirk will be an invaluable member of the squad, providing cover, either on the right, or upfront.


The future is very bright.

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