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End of season awards: the real ones...


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Whilst I expect there will be awards in this forum for best players in various positions etc. I think we should look at other awards too:


1. Best chant of the season (from our fans)


2. Best opposition chant


3. The chelsea award: An award for the most overpriced player, must be at least 28


4. The Manchester united award: Given to the luckiest moment in a game (For fun lets make is a non manc award)


5. The arsenal award: Best english player to break through to the first team


6. Kevin Keegan award: a managerial moment that turned a great moment, into a season ruining one


7. The best fans in the word award: to the quietest/s***test fans


8. The Kevin Nolan award: the player to not only believe their own hype, but over hype themselves


9. Howard webb award: to the maddest most infuriating referee decision (not a manc one, too easy)


10. The Newcastle award: to a club who believe they are bigger than they actually are.

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