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That c*nt McKenzie & The BBC again

Leo No.8

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I get up this morning, switch the TV on for the news and find an unpleasant taste in my mouth which isn't morning breath. I'm greeted with that odious excuse for a human being Kelvin McKenzie on BBC's breakfast show.


They had him on discussing swine flu - f*cking swine flu. I mean what qualifications or experience does Kelvin McKenzie hold to make him any kind of authority on swine flu, apart from being a f*cking pig himself?


The BBC are so desperate to get him on the nation's televisions they'll pay him to come on and talk about anything. I hate them for this, I really do. He's obviously in bed with someone high up in the organsation and it makes me sick that I'm paying my TV license to have to watch him spouting his filth at every f*cking turn.


For people who had loved ones die at Hillsborough it must be like a constant reminder.

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