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Chelsea then...Surprise em!


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I reckon we're really gonna have to have a go for the first 45... if it ain't working after that get Gerrard and Torres off and protect em for the league... I know some discussions have already started in this but I reckon we need to really come up with something different rather than letting Essien do another job on Stevie. chelsea don't rely on width the way they used to when Cole / Robben / Duff etc were all options... it was the passing through the middle that got us... Also, bolton hammered them aerially today and we have to look at that in terms of getting numbers in the box...we also need Agger to carry an additional threat by bringing the ball out....


I'd seriously go for...




Carra Agger Skrtl


Masch Alonso

Kuyt Aurelio


Gerrard Reira/Benny



the only doubt is whether to play Reira or Benny... I'd go for Reira for the aforementioned aerial threat....


Kuyt will work his socks off protecting that right flank and him and Gerrard can double up...ditto Aurelio and Reira... Masch and Alonso need to protect the defence and keep attack ticking over...


I know it may seem a little mad changing things at this stage but we need to surprise them and really go at them and I reckon this set-up could do it... if we get to 1-0 with 45 to go they'll get nervy!



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