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Newstalk 106 on Hillsborough


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Not sure if anyones mentioned this elsewhere but Newstalk 106's Off The Ball show in Ireland did a feature last night on the coverage of Hillsborough by the tabloid press.


I didn't catch it all but they spent some of the feature discussing what motivated that creep McKenzie to run his 'The Truth' story.


They had Roy Greenslade who was deputy editor of the sun contributing and also a journalist who's name escapes me who's written about the history of tabloid journalism in the UK.


From the 15 mins I heard the presenters who are always very good anyway, did a good job of educating anyone listening who's not aware of the real cause of the disaster and also the depths the sun and the daily star sank to in their reporting of the tragedy.


The piece opened with Radio Citys reporter at the game relaying the events back to the studio. At that stage the scale of what was happening hadn't become apparant because he told his colleague in the studio with audible shock that he'd heard reports that there might have been one death.


Off the Ball also have the Milan Madrid game where the Milan fans sing YNWA after 6 minutes as their video of the week




I'll email them and see if last nights piece can be downloaded or podcast.


Worth a listen

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