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Top shirt sponsors


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1) Manchester United, England , AIG £14.1M

2) Juventus, Italy, Tamoil, £12.8M

3) Bayern Munich, Germany, Deutsche Telekom, £11.5M

4) Chelsea, England, Samsung Mobile, £11M

5) Real Madrid, Spain, Siemens Mobile, £9,7M

6) Tottenham Hotspurs, England, Mansion, £8.5M

7) Borussia Dortmund, Germany, E-On, £8,3M

8) Olympic Lyon, France, LG/Renault Trucks, £8,3M

9) Bayer Leverkusen, Germany, RWE, £6.6M

10) AC Milan, Italy, Opel, £6.2M

11) Schalke 04, Germany, Victoria, £5.2M

12) Liverpool FC, England, Carlsberg, £5.0M

13) Ajax, Holland, AMB Ambro, £4.9M

14) Inter Milan, Italy, Pirelli, £4.8M

15) Porto, Portugal, Portugal Telecom, £4.0M

16) Newcastle, England, Northern Rock, £4.0M

17) Manchester City, England, Thomas Cook, £3.0M

18) Aston Villa, England, DWS, £2.5M

19) Celtic, Scotland, Carling, £2.0M

20) Everton, England, Chang Beer, £2.0M

21) Glasgow Rangers, Scotland, Carling, £2.0M

22) AS Roma, Italý, Diadora, £1.2M

Based on Annual Value Of Sponsorship


I wonder how far we're going up this list, once we secure investment....? 12th. ain't exactly impressive is it?


Besides that I'm quite impressed with how many German teams have secured really massive shirt sponsor deals...


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