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The linesmen and referee yesterday

Andy @ Allerton

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Were they actually as bad as I remember?


Where I sit - in the first half the linesman seemed to flag us offside when we appeared to be well on twice and in the second half on two occasions he flagged them onside when they clearly were several yards off - did anyone see it on telly?


Also - they gave a couple of corners that weren't to them, they gave them random throw ins that obviously weren't theirs and gave us random throw ins (and a corner) that obviously weren't and denied us a corner later on which was obvious.


On top of that the failure to punish the number 9 for the couple of laughable dives when he held his face (And jumped back up when he realised he wasn't getting anything) plus the number 7 feigning injury, getting stretched off then getting up straight away was pretty poor.


Not to mention several other bits of shinnanigans going on - fairly poor officiating all round I thought - but surely they weren't as bad as I thought - if so I can't see how they would be allowed to officiate another game?

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