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  1. what? a little banter? Was it too much in bad taste? If so I apologize.
  2. yes Shaqiri will be a good signing. works hard, versatile, good technique, great left foot. Probably wont cost too much (if they will sell).
  3. Yeah I meant crazy hes signed for Bayern, not so much the fee. That is a massive transfer and already a huge blow for the main opposition ahead of next season.
  4. Crazy. they are also rumored to have signed Lewandovski.
  5. Well we can forget about Gotze. Bild says he signed for Bayern. 37 mil. crazy.
  6. So evra, as long as were laughing.. Monkey sees monkey does?
  7. yep. And have Luis make an impression of him.
  8. oran

    Luis Suarez

    Terrys racism or Suarezs?
  9. oran

    Luis Suarez

    They will nail him like everyone bar Liverpool wants them to. Massive ban.
  10. oran

    Luis Suarez

    Im fuming. How can Agueros ninja kick didnt warrent any punishment yet Suarez deserves more then 3 games ban. Players in this league get 3 games ban for really violent acts (Fellaini). When Defoe bit Masch, the fa didnt feel it was violent enough to punish him more then a red card so they didnt use "exceptional circumstances". Im outraged by the sheer outrage of the mdia about everything Suarez does. Im not even asking to give him a pass (If the refferee didnt see it then why did he speak to Luis and Ivanovic (who should him the so called marks), but to be judged fairly. This is getting ridicules how he does things other players do (racist remark, use hand to score,dive) yet he is punished 10x harder then anyone else. Sell him FFS??? Why, did he sleep with a teammates girl? He went flying in with his elbow thai kick-boxing style into the head of another player?
  11. oran

    Thatcher's dead

    Thank you all. A c**t indeed.
  12. oran

    Thatcher's dead

    was wondering if there is something else. Or if there are very specific things someone wants to say about what she did (other then her being a c**t..). I guess I know all the important stuff. Thanks. Go on and continue to enjoy this day.
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