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  1. Yep, the ability to skip it via a big button is a Godsend.
  2. I usually hate 'bantz' - but Specsaver's have absolutely had him off there with their reply : Sam Luckhurst - Chief Writer for the MEN "A player has been pictured driving into Carrington and eyewitnesses said he was waved through for a 'player medical'. Player looks a bit like Sander Berge but is apparently not him. Apologies for earlier confusion/chaos" Specsavers - "We've just waved a journalist that looks like you into our store"
  3. Even though I've no real interest in building models, I find the painting of them fascinating. This guy's channel is incredible, the detail he gets is just unreal. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC53hZgZPlQmKWFRFSpxbSxw
  4. Kurt

    IP Throttling

    Yes you can, you just need a router that supports 'Quality of Service - QOS'. You can then specify it by IP, MAC Address (actual physical device) etc. Depending on your router make/model you'll just need to enable it in the settings.
  5. Kurt


    According to other reports though, the problem for Woodward is that if they sack Solskjaer then he'll be forced to step-down as well due to it being such a massive mistake on his watch. He's clearly not the kind of man to 'do the honourable thing' though, so they'll muddle on for a while yet (we hope).
  6. Check out Thomann (Europe's biggest music shop), their own range of guitars (Harley Benton branded) are genuinely great for the money. Something like this - https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_cst_24hb_tortoise_flame.htm for £200 delivered. 24 medium frets, decent upper fret access, alnico pickups with coil split etc.
  7. Kurt

    Gigs 2014+

    Richie's replacement, Phil X. So, not as impressive as being mates with Jon.. but better than being mates with say, Everett the tambourine guy.
  8. Kurt

    Gigs 2014+

    How do I slide into the convo that my mate is in Bon Jovi? Can you tee it up please??
  9. Kurt

    Gigs 2014+

    Haha.. *Clang!*
  10. Kurt

    Gigs 2014+

    Yeah, I was really surprised as I'd never noticed I suppose. I was chatting to a mate then this little dude wandered past warming up his vocals and I realised it was him.
  11. Kurt

    Gigs 2014+

    I was backstage at the Jovi gig last night and one of the large flight cases for the Manics (support act, for those not there) had an awesome label that just says "Big heavy c**t of a box" on the side, dunno why, just really made me laugh. Also, JD Bradfield is absolutely pocket sized.
  12. Kurt

    EU Referendum

    The petition site's back and you can watch it update in pretty much real time.. it's around 5k signatures a minute currently.
  13. Be careful when buying Sandisk though, as they're pretty much the 'go to' name in memory (SD Cards etc) so there's loads of fakes about especially on eBay and the likes. The fakes will almost always work, just not the speeds advertised or you can't actually use the displayed capacity etc.
  14. Yep, a different £20k watch in almost every scene as well.
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