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  1. Rex Ham


    i cant cycle "over the border" into Newport for exercise but I can get steaming in a boozer every night with loads of other people. wibble indeed.
  2. must be like, well solid man. conversely, i've been doing between 60-100 miles on my bike every week since May and I'm still a lardarse.
  3. cant see it, but each to his own eh.
  4. agree, i wasnt expecting it to be quite as good as it is. really enjoying it, on so much its now annoying Mrs C a bit. Glad i picked up tickets for their dates in march now, although etc..etc...
  5. Cheshire Set on twitter captures it beautifully. It was always fairly busy in summer but used to be a mix of locals and city types with jetskis - balance has swung though seemingly.
  6. It was never thriving. the only thing it had going for it when I was a kid was the sun centre and that felt 30 years old almost as soon as they built it.
  7. Reckon thats how it might end up looking if we need a goal, but surprised if he starts like that.
  8. People getting all laneist by straddling both lanes to prevent people going further down. Its insane. "If I've been dull enough to pull in and wait here patiently in line when there's a perfectly good lane empty, then SO WILL YOU". f**k off. c****. People posting about their dogs on social media, using the term "Hooman". They can GTF.
  9. Big projects in the garden are great, once you get them started. I procrastinate more about garden stuff than anything else, but I normally enjoy those things more than I do other stuff. Weird.Got a long trellis built on a dividing wall recently (not my own work) and now choosing climbers to grow in pots. Eventually plumped for a climbing hydrangea which is spring flowering, a russian vine(flowers in summer) and a chocolate vine(summer autumn flowering). Its a long wall.
  10. s***e state of affairs SH, hope you can get home soon. The silver lining here though is you'll feel justifiably sorry for yourself and there'll be no wrestling with your conscience about getting Langered for a while.
  11. He was a right pain in the arris when we saw him in London, a few years later. Stopped and re-started several songs, got angry with his band, embarrassing. Memory is hazy but pretty sure we left early. Do remember being very dissapointed because I love that album. Seems to have got over his blert period now though.
  12. if the weathers nice a beer on the wall outside the Anglesey pub in Caernarfon (on the water looking out over Angelsey - next to the castle). Not many better sights. Well, y'know....
  13. Modern Family has been a staple of family viewing in our house, consistently funny. Bit of a void now its finished.
  14. Never got into Prefab Sprout but never really tried. Inspired now to do just that.
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