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The guy was immense and what an engine he has got.. I am really impressed with his attitude and seems like a quick learner as compared to earlier in the season he has improved his decision making.. His distribution also seems to be progressing.. I think he will still get booked on and off as that is part of his game because of the number of tackles he made.. I thought he was one of our best players against the gooners and mancs and we could have a gem on our hands if he keeps improving..

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i watched the game with a mate of mine, a semi manure fan, or as i call him, the closet manure fan, he`s not super up on players and all, but he thought Sissoko was unreal


and in fairness to my gimpy mate, he`s right, Sissoko has played fantastically well the last 2 games, now al he needs to do is pass the ball just half as good as Gerrard and we`ll have yet another £20 million midfielder in our ranks

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question...............what happens when we get this right sided played everyone has been crying out for??


Alonso and Gerrard together with sissoko in for certain games?



Personally feel one winger in the side is enough ie kewell, im more than happy to see gerrard continue in his zidane,nedved role and keep alonso and sissoko in the middle.

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