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wigans' goalkeeper


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what happened?




just general chiteness I think :D Pushed a save right into Fletchers path - lucky for him, Fletcher was about a week offside.


Picked up an obvious backpass - got away with that.


Very ropey positioning. Just errrm, not very good like!


Henchoz is looking a bit ropey too, he's nothing without De Zeueeeeuwww.

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Jimmy Bullard is the b*****d child of an ill fated fling between old man steptoe and Paul Nicholas from just good friends.





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It's been an even game so far, but you get the feeling if scum get a goal Wigan will fall apart, much as they did against us.


Wigan have had a bit of luck so far though with scum having a goal rightly disallowed (luck in the respect that you never get those decisions at OT) hopefully that luck will continue.

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Guest Red Mist

Oh f*ck. ManUre are winning?! I just checked the BBC scores thingy and the b******s have it down as 0-0! Oh well, at least I get FF points from pie boy.

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Oh yes, and points from Rio too. Woo hoo!

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Guest Red Mist
Rio?  :wacko:


I think you just slipped up.


How so? He's scored and looks as if he'll keep a clean sheet, that's 12 or so points! Besides, he was just a temperory signing in place of Carra while he's away in Japan. That's some nifty little business by me, even if I do say so myself!

Pity Chimbonda has scored a big fat zero for me though.

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