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  1. JonErr


    The FA should notify clubs as of today they have 3-4 weeks to isolate players and staff to keep them from getting infected. Those who are ill will ofc be unable to play. Play 2 games a week on Tues-Wed and Sat-Sun so that teams get 4 days rest between matches. Cancel the FA cup and teams with European obligations will have their league games rearranged. All games played before empty stadiums. That way the league will be done in 5 weeks with a winner, relegated teams and European spots sorted.
  2. I´m still gutted FSG didn´t talk to Rafa. By far the best manager we have had since Kenny in 91"
  3. We should bombard FSG with get Rafa back e-mails
  4. I think we have a troll on our hands in that George Constanza guy. On topic.. I´d have Rafa back in a heartbeat. ..... or Joachim Löwe
  5. Love the new kit ... will deffo buy it.
  6. Well I do not want Kenny to be sacked, not yet anyways I´m p.darn sure the old geezer has some tricks up his sleeve. But as I said I´d love to have Rafa back, the man was and continues to be a credit to LFC and the best manager we have had since Kenny left the post in 1991 .. now if we are to play fantasy football and I´d get to pick anyone I´d probably go for Pep Guardiola or Joachim Löw and some insanely rich guy (Forbes Top 10) to bankroll them.
  7. JonErr


    The results cannot be overlooked and some very serious questions need to be asked about the team and the management. All this crap cannot be labelled as "unlucky" and "undeserved" you make your own luck for the most part in this game as in life.
  8. I´d love Rafa back, top man and a great manager.
  9. Suarez refused to shake the hand of a man he believes did him wrong. I´m shocked, now lets move on.
  10. Rafa is class... just love the guy.
  11. Meh who cares, LFC got boatloads of cash for him. He sold his soul and no matter what he does at Chel$ki or how many times he tries to tell the Chel$ki fans that they are a "big" club everyone will know its just for show. Torres has become a whore and the world knows it.
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