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Tobes Rafa

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Everyone knows dog owners love to talk about their dogs yet a quick search found a thread on pet insurance and surprisingly chickens.


I've never had a dog in my life yet we as a family are now considering getting one as a little friend for my adopted daughter who has FASD. I only mention this as a support dog for this would normally be a retriever but being new to the whole thing I think we'd prefer to start with something a little smaller.


I think a Cavalier King Charles is topping the list at the moment due to their personality but I'd love an English bulldog which are equally as friendly and good with kids from what I've read. Also sturdy enough that she couldn't swing it around my the lead.


So, tell me about your dogs, whether they're suitable for my needs or not, im enjoying the research. If you've any suggestions for other family dogs for first time owners, please fire ahead.



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