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It's nearly time!

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on the one hand it's really simple job and hard to make mistakes, on the other hand we should never underestimate macca's ability to f*** things up. it's a toughie


Yeah, it is a rather simple task to undertake isn't it? I guess we could just catch Macca having a bad hair day though.

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The one player that Hodgson has not been able to persuade to stay is Javier Mascherano. But surely that, too, is a good thing. Is the Argentinian really worthy of a starting place, given that Agger does not need a midfielder to scurry back and collect the ball from him, Cole has arrived and Alberto Aquilani seems fully fit?
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Hodgson's great merit is that, unlike the too-clever-by-half Benítez, he is a master at making things simple


That is a corker.


As if that c*** ever made anything simple.


And how very British to accuse someone of being 'too clever'.

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