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Phil Dowd

Red Kent

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Don't know if anyone else saw this on Sunday, but Diouf pushed over Carra near the corner flag of the Kop/Kemlyn quite blatently. Carra fell over and then sat up arms outstretched appealing for the free-kick.


Dowd who was about 15 yards away, gave that "What, no foul in my book" looks.


However, both the foul and Dowd were in my eyeline and the reason he never gave the foul was cos he was laughing and talking to another Blackburn player and completely missed the incident.


This man is fast taking over the "Poll look at me title".

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He loathes us, whether it was sending off Gerrard after 15 mins in the Derby years back, watching Voronin get pushed to the ground in the area at Spurs last season or his antics on sunday, he'll never change. But we just watch and accept it rather than kick off.

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