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Spirit Of Shankly: Court Hearing Tuesday 12th October

Spirit Of Shankly

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The Court Case, challenging the Boards decision to sell the club, is taking place at the Royal Courts of Justice tomorrow, Tuesday 12th October 2010. It is listed to not start before 10:30am in Court 16. There is some confusion, with many left wondering whether this is Royal Bank of Scotland versus the owners, or LFC versus the owners. However, our feelings and stance remains clear - we are anti Tom Hicks and George Gillett. With this in mind, we would like to make our feelings known outside the Court and would invite members and fans of Liverpool Football Club to do the same. We will therefore be looking to lay on travel from Liverpool to London for those interested in making the journey and details of the travel arrangements will be released shortly dependant upon demand.


If you are available, and would like to travel, could you please notify us of your interest so we have some indication of numbers. We are aware that many members and Liverpool FC fans would like to show their feelings towards Tom Hicks at the court case but we would ask you to notify us only if you are interested in going and are available.


We have also been made aware that the 7/7 Bombing Inquest may also being held at the Royal Courts this week, potentially on the same day and will be attended by grieving relatives. As Liverpool fans will appreciate, this Inquest will be a raw and very emotional time for relatives, as the circumstances of their loved ones deaths will be recounted, and we urge people to show the families our respect while making our feelings about the ownership of Liverpool Football Club known to the media, the courts and Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

If you are available and would like to travel to London, then please make your interest known to travel@spiritofshankly.com. Please be aware that given the potential 10:30am start of the court case, you may need to leave Liverpool as early as 4am.




Spirit Of Shankly

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Following on from our earlier release regarding the Court Hearing tomorrow (Tuesday 12th October) we have been informed that the hearing will be opened and then adjourned in a matter of minutes. Therefore Spirit Of Shankly will not be travelling from Liverpool to the Courts in London tomorrow, but will be planning to attend the subsequent hearing. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we will update members as soon as possible regarding any future date. Those who expressed an interest for tomorrow will be given first priority for any subsequent travel arrangements.


Those who still wish to be in attendance tomorrow, we ask you to again consider the feelings of those who will be attending the 7/7 Inquests also taking place tomorrow. Spirit Of Shankly

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it's a f***ing terrible idea. you should be advising people not to make d****eads of themselves and stay away.


Would look pretty strange if no fans were there after all the protests in the last 3 years, no?


Admittedly there is nothing fans can do to influence the case, but keeps the pressure up. I'm going if for no reason but to tell sky they're a bunch of c****.

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you'll all be cheering purslow and co like he's won the european cup final if the verdict gets delivered live on sky news? it's a pointless trip and won't have any effect whatsoever.

a pilgrimage to the high court to massage who's ego? the our big day out reds who'll stand around for hours outside doing f*** all while the case is heard or the victorious beloved directors.

also got the potential to reflect badly with the 7/7 hearings going on.

save your money.

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Looks a bad decision not to go now

Not sure where SOS get there info from to be honest


Very highly placed people in the Club. Who have gone out of their way today to say they weren't duping anyone but that the hearing purpose changed overnight.


No reports that the 50 or so who turned up and supported the Club have done anything other than show the current owners that they're not welcome.


All restrained and well behaved.

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