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The Second Leg


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Thought Drogba had the better of Carra every time they went long and won most of the balls in the air. Would it be a decent idea to go with Agger and Skrtel in the middle in London, seeing that we have little to lose anyway? Plus, they are simply better on the ball than Carra and also give us a better chance going forward at set pieces as well.


He was the outlet as always yesterday and we need to either win most of the long balls or most of the second balls next week. The thing is, if he easily wins most of the headers he's going to find his man most of the times and hence i think he needs to face an Agger or a Skrtel when going up for the long ball.


I've thought about this idea when we're generally playing a good targetman earlier in the season as well, but none of the teams have such good attacking midfielders as Lampard and Ballack and very few targetmen are as good as Drogba, so its okay lost out in that department. But Chelsea are a completely different scenario.






If i'm not allowed to create a thread related to the next game this early, could you mods open it in time for the next game?

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