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Thinking of creating a application for the new season


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Hey guys, I've come up with the wackey idea of creating a application that will track not only the performances of our players over the course of next season, but also there stats, which team lineup has had the best results and so on and so on.


Now this is going to be a huge amount of work, that i am willing to do, however i will need a number of elements that people here might be interested in doing with me.


Firstly i would need to devise a layout from the highest level possible, Widgets that people can possibly suggest in this thread such As:


-- Match Day

-- -- Voting for Team linup in up coming game

-- -- Pre-Game team lineups

-- -- Match updates, by the minute??


-- Stats

-- -- Player profiles

-- -- Player rankings for games and seasons

-- --


-- Chat

-- -- Live Chat Room


-- Archive

-- -- Player performances for the year

-- -- Most effective team linup for the year

-- -- Transfer history ??



I think you guys can get an idea from the list above as to what type of program im thinking of.

It would be good if we could come up with some ideas on this thread here, and then i could write up a quick and dirty HTML page basically outlining the purpose of the project, invitations to people with skills we could use and so forth.


First thing i would need is a graphics designer, and even a system architect who could help me develop the design of the system. if anyone would like to discuss this top further with me on a more private stage, please contact me on the following :


email : idusan@bigpond.net.au

msn : dule_ivanovic@hotmail.com


P.S I live in Aus, so it wont exactly be a project that can be worked on in regular hours of the day. This is the only Forum i have posted this on, as this is the only forum that i visit on a regular basis.


Kind Regards


Dusan Ivanovic

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