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  1. f*** that hurts. Should've/could have been two up at halftime. One goal away from getting into the final 16 in the world cup for much of the game. Amazed that I'm devastated that Iceland didn't make it through to the final 16 in a group including Argentina and Croatia (f*** I hated them). Devastated for the boys who were quite simply unlucky not to progress. This will most likely be the last world cup I can watch Iceland play because I'm not sure we'll ever get there again. Gutted and proud.
  2. Manager letting the team down imo. Plus desperately missing Joi Berg and Kolli (Sigthorsson).
  3. Some would say it's because we are s*** but I'll find anything else to put the blame on... f*** this
  4. We'll this isn't fun. I'm blaming it on the temperature there.
  5. I have no idea where the rest of my post went... cont: We've won two (Austria and England). Our goalkeeper was until recently working as a film director. Our right back is currently working in a salt production company and had to get time off work to go play at the world cup. Our best player plays for the blue s***e. Anyone complaining about us not playing some Spanish tiki taka fluid attacking football can jump up his own a***. (our goalies most recent work https://youtu.be/fdS6lVtzZdw)
  6. I'm still a bit high on the result yesterday. I know Iceland isn't playing fluid attacking football but... 6 games in the two major tournaments. Scored in all of them including games against Argentina, Portugal and Austria (some might count England with that group of teams as well
  7. So 1-1 at halftime against Argentina in the world cup. One of my first memories of the world cup was dreaming about getting their shirt with number 10 on the back. Dreamt about playing as maradona at the world cup. Now we've survived 45 min against them at the world cup. Loving this as long as Argentina don't spank is in the second half.
  8. Having seen the Man City practice up close this pre-season before their match in Iceland (marketing failure of the season IMO) I find it a bit odd that teams haven't figured out how to deal with the whole "move up the right wing dragging players there, pass back to midfielder/defender who wips a ball wide left to Sane and take it from there"-tactic. They did that for most of the open practice but having seen it in... practice(?) now the last few of their games I'm surprised that such a simple tactic seems to be so difficult to stop. Unless you're TAA and Kloppo's LFC of course.
  9. Didn't get the first disallowed decision. Didn't seem much wrong there. At least nothing really obvious. The foul is given when the foul ends. Meaning correct decision made through VAR. Son stopped when taking the penalty. Which is foul play and therefore no retake. So 2-1 for VAR? About VAR. They desperately need to limit it to actual clear challenges by the teams/players. Not just look into things like they feel every now and then.
  10. Next game: Put one player on each corner on the 6 yard box. Aim the freekick and or cross towards/between either player. Any touch by the opposition will be panicked which means the two “offside” players have a chance of intercepting a clearance or the clearance being of a worse quality than needed. Do it often even if the ref blows for offside.
  11. In one of the clips I've seen it seems like the ref is telling the Everton players that he didn’t hear anything - possibly because of all the noise in the ground at the time. But as the ref has a microphone on him it shouldn’t be difficult to prove or disprove what Bobby supposedly said. https://streamable.com/06auq
  12. Regarding Mourinho. Mancs -> PSG -> Qatar -> Portugal surely?
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