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With the dispatching of Man U last week and them hitting the skids at Fulham today, Ive been looking at their fan forums to try and judge the attitude and expectations of the Utd fans.


Unfortunately all Ive found out is that the Man U "fans" (Im sure the phrase "Glory Hunters" was coined for them) are obsessed with the Mighty Reds. Its astonishing, some of the bilge they come out with is unbelievable.


I know that like most big teams they attract fans from far and wide, but on the evidence of trawling through site after site, it seems that though the fans from further afield embrace the more negative side of the rivalry more readily than local supporters.


The amount of members to these sites that have some kind of reference to LFC in their usernames was also quite incredible.


I whole heartedly detest the term "Dippers" as well, Ive seen it on the Man U and Chelsea web sites.

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