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Lots of hard decisions to be made

New York Red

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Well that's another season up in smoke.


Other than the obvious gripes and changes to be made like getting rid of Boss Hogg and the midget, getting rid of Parry, what else should be done to get this club to where it needs to be?


I think everything needs to be considered. Rafa has had five years to get this club to winning the title, and we are no closer. This squad has been rife with problems and they won't go away.


We have signed cr*p like Lucas, Dossena, Degen, Babel, Keane.


Our academy seems to be unable to produce players which can break into the first team; we haven't had a Gerrard or Carra for a decade now.


We grossly overpay for players who end up failing miserably for us -- other than the obvious like Keane, there have been quite a few Pennant's and Bellamy's.


We've become a two-trick show. If Torres or Gerrard don't produce a bit of magic, basically we seem to be screwed.


I'm rambling, I know. But I'm so fed up of all of this. I'm fed up of Rafa getting a pass on everything I suppose when at the end of the day it is him who has the most power to make things happen. And he hasn't. We've got an average squad, full of players who shouldn't be there, and reliant on starters who are just good squad players. We get draw after draw after f*cking draw against average teams. This is a dysfunctional set up and Rafa may need to go to get the change that we really need. I hate to say this, but I'd even take Maureen if we could.


And I hate Rafa's little hand movements.

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