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What a superbly controlled performance that was!


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Controlled from start to finish, great patience shown, no panic despite dominating the 1st half but not breaking through.


3 great goals, Kuyt was wonderful, hand in 2 goals and scoring one, Crouchy was excellent, great finish and worked his little skinny a*** off.


Pennant had a good game, as did Finn as always. We dominated the game in every way basically.


Diouf having a s*** game and being subbed was just a bonus. Sami and Carra made Anelka a non entity.


We not only outplayed Bolton, we outworked them. We never let them play, they where useless, and the Sky Bolton Propaganda commentary team couldn?t change that fact ;)


20 attempts to 1 at goal.


And apart from letting Faye off, I actually thought (whisper it), Poll reffed the game pretty well.


Superbly controlled display from the Redmen, and a great result.

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