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Tranmere Rovers goalkeeper scores

Guest Kev

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Gavin Ward takes and indirect free-kick in his own half and kicks it towards the Orient goal. The wind carries it and it bounces over the Orient's keeper's head and in his attempt to save it he tips it into the net.


Now I think it has to go down as an own goal as if the Orient goalkeeper had not of touched it the 'goal' would not have stood as you cannot score from an indirect free-kick.


Yet the rules state that if a shot is on target and gets deflect into the net, then it's given to the attacking team.


Thoughts ?


On a side note, in my refereeing days I've actually given a goal from a throw-in that caused all kinds of arguements. The ball was heading into the net direct from a throw-in, yet the keeper decided to try and save it and only punched it into the net. The defending team and management were incensed and said you cannot score direct from a throw-in, I agreed with them but as the keeper had touched it into the net the ball was in-play.


If only keepers knew the rules then none of the above would have mattered :D

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