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slip of the tongue?

Herbie von Smalls

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anyone hear Rafa's post-match interview on 5live? usual calibre of comments until he mentioned about wanting to win trophies for 'the next three or four years'. there was a beat, before he added, with a smile in his voice, 'or maybe longer'


the way he said both the first part and then the 'maybe longer' made me think that although it was a spontaneous interview, he may actually have his sights already firmly set on seeing out his contract and then moving on. i realise it may be reading too much into a few harmless words, but it was more the tone that got me thinking: 'christ, maybe Rafa is here for the short haul only!'.


i do believe he'll bring us great success, but this was a bit of a wake-up call that no matter how well he does, how well he's treated and how much he's loved he may not be the kind of man that has undying emotional obligations to LFC - not that it's the be-all and end-all of being an LFC manager, but i've always like to think that the club, the fans and the city have a way of getting under the skin and 'taking root'.

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