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  1. Think they lost to Villa at home 3 or 4 years ago. Seem to remember Ashley Young scoring the winner?
  2. Was gonna post to make the exact same point. Must have been some interview he did to make them change their minds and convince FSG to let him bring his own team with him. It looks like he's been given a lot more authority than what FSG were originally proposing. If that's the case, then hopefully he'll also be able to bring the players around to his playing style and instil some confidence in them, which some were plainly lacking at times last season.
  3. Once said that David O'Leary might not be a bad choice as our next manager
  4. F*** off Purslow. How could you make RFH manager when the perfect man for the job was already at the club. Just imagine where we'd be now...
  5. Stunning skill from Rivaldo but the only thing preventing that from being one of the greatest goals ever is that Rivaldo didn't finish it himself and it needed Saviola to bundle it over the line. My nomination is Roberto Carlos' goal against Tenerife from pretty much on the goal line near the corner flag
  6. redbaz


    Fantastic news! Thought he was gone myself, don't even want to think about how might it would have cost us to replace him.
  7. John Scales - he even won 3 England caps while with us
  8. Exactly what I was thinking last night. Why they aren't in the group stages automatically as Belgian champions is a farce. Platini may be a bit of a tool but he's spot on about the entry to the champions league group stages being totally biased towards the bigger leagues.
  9. Not only that, but the commentator on RTE mentioned the absolute lack of atmosphere during the match and the fact that a times you could hear the players shouting to each other on the pitch.
  10. redbaz

    RTE coverage

    Couldn't wait for the ad break to finish cause I was convinced Brady was going to walk out during it!!
  11. I'd heard about Ray Jones but who was the other footballer?
  12. Indeed, Drogba being the most obvious example
  13. Agreed. Would not have taken Mashc off. We really needed to keep him on to patrol that area in front of defence that Kaka operates in, even if we were chasing the game. With only Inzaghi up front for Milan would have prefered to have switched to 3 at the back and taken Riise off for Crouch.
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