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  1. When we signed him, he joined as a very good Aston Villa player. Not only did he not make the step up to be a very good Liverpool player, he never even matched the form he had before we signed him.
  2. I think there's a very real prospect we could lose Suarez in the summer if nothing changes. He's utterly wasted up there on his own with zero support, he's visibly frustrated and he's being abused by supporters up and down the country. Given some of the offers he's going to get in the summer, all guarenteeing Champions League football, why would he stay for another season of that muckball?
  3. Red_Rob

    Joe Cole

    He's about a stone and half overweight.
  4. God love N'gog. He really does try, but he couldn't finish his breakfast.
  5. I smiled. I'm not too proud to admit it.
  6. First Everton goal I've cheered in over a decade. Only for pens.
  7. Red_Rob

    Mp3 Shuffle

    1) Coming Second - Elbow 2) The Warrior's Code - Dropkick Murphys 3) Twisting Mary's Arm - Hefner
  8. 1) Kelly - didn't put a foot wrong all night 2) Kuyt 3) Lucas
  9. Think that was more to do with the changes Stoke made and with Fuller being on the pitch.
  10. Tell you something, Martin Kelly's been the best player on the pitch for me tonight. Hasn't put a foot wrong/
  11. It's like a Roy Evans team the way they're playing with three centre-backs and two attacking full-backs.
  12. Huth should have walked there. Exact same challenge Gerrard made in the Cup against United.
  13. Mind you, Agger looks such a better player when he's not being told to play on his own six-yard box.
  14. Have I gone-back in time. Three centre-backs, two attacking wing backs and an attacking midfielder with a 'free-role' popping up all over the place. Put a long curly wig on Gerrard and stick Roy Evans in the dugout and it could be 1997.
  15. Was he one of Souness' fullbacks? Played alongside Piechnik?
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