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  1. stonty and oakie bob, I thank you both. that was nearly as good as the Villa game.
  2. Absolutely. And maybe the CL victory has triggered a load more of those clauses too? I doubt it's as straightforward as we all try to make it out to be.
  3. if a lot of the Coutinho fee was to be paid in performance related installments then surely that couldn't have gone straight onto the books as profit as it had yet to have been achieved?
  4. Thought he was excellent today, especially in the first half.
  5. You can see it from North Wales with a pair of binoculars.
  6. was there in November for a couple of nights. It was about 5 quid a pint then.
  7. Edvard


    What was Andy Carrol's excuse?
  8. Can anybody point me to somewhere to download the full match? I was out of the country and thought i'd set the sky go to record it, but just just checked and it's nowhere to be seen.
  9. several thousand kickstarter backers would disagree and claim it to be a complete scam!
  10. Providing you are 21 or over. If you're under 21, you only have the option of passing on a 125 or smaller, and having restricted horsepower for two years after passing.
  11. Thanks for this AR. Saves looking for a dodgy stream.
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