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  1. Refereeing standards are so poor and inconsistent. yeah Grealish is a talent. Seems to have got to his head off late.
  2. I see another post whistle incident punished with a card in the Villa game (a dive too by the way). Grates!!!
  3. That City score making this even more annoying. Agree with this. It’s one thing to moan about the process (clear and obvious etc) but it was a pen, soft but a pen.
  4. I was more annoyed with this than VAR. didn’t get it. Then we proceeded to give them the ball in dangerous areas.
  5. It’s really that simple. Frustration understandable but we have to be better.
  6. Agree with this, sadly. And that chain of backward passing towards the end was inexplicable.
  7. 2 chances to attack and they f*** around and pass backwards. Did they come for a draw???
  8. Mane is in a strange form. Looks dangerous but giving away so many balls.
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