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Liverpool's Benfica match on TV

Guest sniffer

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Guest sniffer

surely you`re taking the piss?


im alright as it will be shown here in Ireland either RTE or Tv3, but the european champions, in their homeland, are only on itv4, now thats a complete load of w*** :angry:


Yup. Just seen it in the Sunday paper.

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We're away though. They usually stick the away legs on one of the other channels.





Both us and a*** are away mind!


Anywya, who cares really.


From a*** - Real Madrid and us and Benfica, they'd always show Real Madrid on ITV1 - cos BecksyWecksy is playing :)

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Guest Jack Bauer

They've been havin a w*** over Arsenal-Real Madrid for years, just that Arsenal are no longer as good as they were two seasons ago. Still a more exciting prospect to the neutral though.

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