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  1. I got a reply from the club... '.....Thanks for contacting Liverpool Football Club Unfortunately at the moment I do not think that there are any Spanish retailers, you could ask in your local sportswear stores as they may have a better idea of when this option will be available to you. Purchasing online may be the best option though. I hope this answers your query and please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further assistance. Kind Regards Customer Experience Team.....'
  2. I know I can order it online, but I want to see it before I spent 150 odd euro's (adult and two kids). I'll try contacting warrior, but its surprising that the club don't know where their merch is sold. As with any merchandising operation I would expect to be able to locate a stockist online.
  3. not sure if this is covered in this thread, apologies if it is. I have sent numerous emails to the club asking them to tell me where I can buy the new shirt in Spain, so far have not received any replies. Anyone else outsude of the UK seen the new kit in any stores? Ofcourse with adidas it was widely available...
  4. I'll be in the RePubl;ic House, on Passeig St Joan 74. Its not too far from the Sagrada Familia. But as someone said, Michael Collins is closest for you. ...and as someone else said, the collins is a dive!
  5. why not? its happened before. if arteta wants to play champions league football, get into the spain squad and challenge for titles then all he has to do is go public with his desire to move to us, so he can hold hands with his spanish mates. would looove it hahahaaaa
  6. get the spanish lads to tap up Arteta. He puts in a transfer request and we get him for about 15m. if not, Andrea pirlo. if he is too old or is following ancelotti then... christian poulsen was good for sevilla and is apprently available for about 6m, and flamini could be a good shout. aquilani appears a bit of a risk. valbuena is a player i have always enjoyed watching but not sure he'd cut in the prem against such yobs and cloggers as wigan's cattermole or hulls turners..
  7. awful, awful draw. we get chelsea again and utd get a f'kin stroll. c**nts.
  8. Suth


    i agree, he looks useless. how has he gone so poor? thats what we should be asking eh.
  9. is right, he tried to beat his man but lost the ball every time. hes f'kn useless.
  10. Suth

    Real Madrid away,

    flying in from barcelona and staying at the hotel astoria, wednesday night only, then back to barcelona till saturday. where's the do?
  11. Suth

    Gerrard's injury

    they're kiddin. he'll miss pompey and england then be back for the City game.
  12. do you think the media would let such logic get in the way of a good sl*gging off?
  13. we'll have to listen to commentators talking about Torres hamstring or fitness every time we are on tv from now until the end of the season. That is a fact
  14. midnight madness at the floral oh aye, rip mr easton rocks on.
  15. Suth


    '......is understood to have cost Tottenham an initial £12m. That fee will rise quickly to nearer £16m with further ambitious add-ons, linked to silverware he claims at Spurs, to see up to £19m change hands again.' Guardian. linked to silverware? wouldnt bank on spending that money in Keanes lifetime then.
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