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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Way to go


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Guest Apocolypse-Jim

I dunno, ....you see, i know a trophy is a trophy ...and all that ballacks, but .....i get the feeling that Crystal Palace kinda did us a favour by knocking us out of the Carling cup ....something to do with the fact that we may have bigger fish to fry etc.


Having said that, would have been nice to get to the final and beat the scum from down the East Lancs Road again, it was more satisfying to me knowing we had beaten them in a final (2003) ...than it was actually winning the cup !.

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Wigan fans are a joke.


Crowd of 12k people at for a cup SEMI FINAL against ARSENAL.


No wonder Jewell had a go at his fans earlier in the season.



well they knew it'd be a shadow Arsenal team an all.


But they are indeed a joke. Can't stand Wigan fans.


We've got a Wiganer working in our office - he's a Liverpool fan, and whinges with the best of 'em. Has he been to see Liverpool play recently? No, he's not been for years and years, despite living so close. But oh yeah, he's been to see Wigan this season in the premiership, and ManUSA cos he got a freebie ticket from work.


That's just yer typical example of a Wigan born and bred football fan.

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