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Al Ittihad-Sao Paolo


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Al-Ittihad were by far the better team in the twenty minutes I saw



True. The brazilians hardly got out of their own half during that time. Bloody Kallon needs to start shooting straight though. The one that went towards the corner flag as he was bearing down on goal was f***ing hilarious :)

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haha!  free-kick?  he's got about 50 career goals for them.


he scored from a penalty.

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Crouch and Morientes are going to have a field day if/when we make it to the final - these guys can't defend crosses at all. As I was typing that Sao Paolo missed having an own goal by a foot.

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And as I was typing that Al Ittihad score. 3-2 to Sao Paolo.

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Lugano with a proper Uruguayan hardman challenge there. Nice and cynical on Kallon. Sign him! :yes:


Also, Rafa's there! They just showed him.

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No: or if they were trying it on then they almost lulled themselves out of the tourny.


For me, the most interesting part was at the end where a mistake could have led to an equaliser. They brought on a forward very close to full time - what was the purpose? When his moment came and the ball was passed back to the Saudi keeper, he made a feeble attempt to chase it and put pressure on the keeper. When the keeper then passed short to a nearby defender, the forward made no attempt to follow whatsoever. Unbelievably lazy sod. Can't see a team with that sort of attitude giving us a match-winning contest...

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What are their main dangers Maldini?


Sao Paolo's wing backs are their most dangerous players strangely enough. Both of them are lightning quick and good crossers.


Their playmaker Danilo is alright but he looks like a bit of a fairweather player.


Their front two today was Aloisio (formerly of PSG) and Amoroso (formerly of Parma, Borrusia etc.) Aloisio is a bit of a Heksey type player, big and strong but he wasn't involved much in the play. Amoroso's lost a lot of pace but he's still a good finisher if people feed him the chances.


They play a 3-5-2 formation but the wing backs didn't defend much and the CBs were spread pretty far apart. Long balls over the top were causing them problems all day.

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