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  1. What if Gerrard had signed for chelsea
  2. Legend, you can see why he's so loved by his team mates
  3. Another candidate for the player with a good cv? Not the most reliable source
  4. Seen Lillian Thuram linked with arsenal in one of the rags today. Could he be the player elisha was talking about with an imprssive cv? He's 36 and still at barca and seems to fit the clues
  5. I think we missed momo tonight His destructive force in midfield would of helped, mind you with that ref he could of easily ended up with a red. Decent enough result, lets see what they've got when they come to anfield
  6. Amazing feeling to be top for the next couple of weeks now. Drogba again reverted to type. There was one moment in the second half, were he went down holding his face after there was clearly no contact. Andy Gray, just laughed it off. If that would of been one of our players, we would be seeing the replays all week
  7. I'm joint top at the moment .... Might apply for the assistant manager job 1 rafas_beard 6 Games 9.17 Ave. 55 Pts. 2 gsb670 6 Games 9.17 Ave. 55 Pts. 3 jcm 6 Games 9.17 Ave. 55 Pts. 4 rejukhc 6 Games 9.00 Ave. 54 Pts. 5 brynjarv 6 Games 9.00 Ave. 54 Pts. 6 Lycanthrope 6 Games 9.00 Ave. 54 Pts. 7 kate_r 6 Games 9.00 Ave. 54 Pts. 8 fcpg 6 Games 9.00 Ave. 54 Pts. 9 Red_Rafalution 6 Games 9.00 Ave. 54 Pts. 10 Drexl 6 Games 8.83 Ave. 53 Pts. 11 aidangriffin2000 6 Games 8.83 Ave. 53 Pts. 12 reina 6 Games 8.83 Ave. 53 Pts. 13 Redwire 6 Games 8.83 Ave. 53 Pts. 14 wazz 6 Games 8.83 Ave. 53 Pts. 15 Koppix 6 Games 8.83 Ave. 53 Pts. 16 Sundance Kid 6 Games 8.83 Ave. 53 Pts. 17 R A Softlad 6 Games 8.67 Ave. 52 Pts. 18 lomokompakt 6 Games 8.67 Ave. 52 Pts. 19 yuriska 6 Games 8.67 Ave. 52 Pts. 20 Gomez 6 Games 8.67 Ave. 52 Pts.
  8. You can get 6-1 with betfred I've gone for Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0 Torres to score first 60-1 well worth a few quid
  9. bigdave50uk

    Under 18s

    Didn't Charlie Barnett sign for Newcastle? I know he played a pre season game for them
  10. True, I might have gone a little OTT. Benfica are a big club but when adu first came onto the scene, he was being linked with massive clubs, us, man ure, chelsea milan, real, inter etc. So its a bit surprising to seem him got to Portugal, which isnt as competitive as Italy england or spain. But I guess it may turn out to be a good move for him
  11. going to benfica How the mighty have fallen
  12. Yeah he seems to be getting at that. But to be honest I'm not sure ho much of the article is true. He could be making the link with forlan because he knows it will get the supporters backs up. Something has defiantly changed wit the way bascome reports on the club since the takeover. Before the takeover he seemed to have a very close relationship with the clubs hierarchy and most of his stories were positive.I get the feeling now that this isnt the case and it may have put his nose out of place. Hence all the recent negative reports from him
  13. Just read the article, bascombe says Eto and tevez may be out of range, so rafas drawn up a second list of targets including forlan and milito(striker not defender). He also says rafa is waiting for the green light from the owners to make a bid for mancini(sp) and to conclude the deal for Malouda. Article is basically stating that rafa hasnt been told how much he has to spend and that the majority of the funds may come from player sales and champions league cash
  14. Mario Gomez scored two for Germany, who's been linked in the transfer thread
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