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  1. I don't pay rent: best decision I made after getting married was to save for a deposit and buy our own place. If you've got that out here you've got it made.
  2. Nothing ironic really. I get back to England twice a year usually and spend a reasonable amount of time there with family. There are very few things I will pay for in the UK if I can avoid it, I find that the money goes a lot further over here. I also particularly dislike hunting for something that is bog standard out here only to discover that it hasn't made England yet. And that is a practical issue, not a hypothetical gripe - especially where household devices are concerned. And tea was served ages ago (just after tiffin): it's 10:45 pm now...
  3. Everything in the UK seems expensive to me, not just the flights. Sad to admit this but I find the whole place one big rip off...
  4. Apparently, it has turned into "And they all lived happily ever after...", shame really, I thought there was some milage in this spat.
  5. Four pages and no mention of Lost in T...? Andy really is on holiday. I was underwhelmed by Thin Red Line. Not the worst ever but utterly unconvincing. Going back to the original post, I have been seriously irritated by the adverts for eragon. They make it look like a remake of Reign of Fire, with a really bad typo in the title. Not a film I will be watching.
  6. Johnson didn't dive (that time), and Moyes behaved rather well I thought. He clearly asked Mourinho to look at the monitor right beside the dug outs and Jose clearly acted like a spoilt child refusing to turn his head even half an inch. I'd have given him serious lip If I'd been Moyes.
  7. Get a Chinese wife: they make soups for just about everything... And, leaving the bird's nest varieties aside, they make some truly excellent soups that, alongside a decent English veggie job or Borstch, give a great selection to choose from.
  8. Didn't look fat in a tv interview t'other day, but he kept belching and had obviously just come from lunch... As for lists...
  9. the rape case seems particularly callous
  10. LLF: Will you be speaking at the memorial? I've not had to do anything like that. I was wondering how you/I would approach it.
  11. Not going for the castle are you? It's got great views...
  12. No Charlie. It is because Orion was one of the first I could pick out as a child and then, as I learnt more and more about astronomy, I discovered that Orion happens to include some of the more interesting stars (and nebulae) out there. It is also visible from both hemispheres at different times of the year.
  13. Read the first of those articles Tim and am left somewhat confused. The reference to the political side of punk made sense until there came the reference to the political side of Hippie music. As the second predates the first, why is it considered a development of punk in political terms?
  14. It's rawlplug btw, or to be precise, Rawlplug as it is a brand name... NYRS
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