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HJC wrist bands update

Guest Mottman

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Guest Mottman

Here is a copy of an E-mail received from the wrist band supplier.

Dear Hillsborough Justice Campaign


We apologize for the delay. I have contacted the shipping agent in China. He said that the boat will arrive on April 7th and the products will be shipped to Liverpool on April 10th. You don't have arrange to get the goods from Southampton to Liverpool. The shipping company will do it. When the products are arrived to Liverpool, an agent from the shipping company will give you a call. If you bring the invoice,packing list, and bill of lading to clear custom on April 10th, you should be able to get the products on that day.


The production was done on March 2nd and the products were sent out for sea shipping on March 3rd, but the shipping company could not put our products into the March 5th boat because the boat was full. They postpone our products to the earliest boat schedule of the next week which was March 10th.


Your 2nd order is in the process of inspection. It should be ready within two days and ready for ship out.


Again, we are very sorry for the delay.




Please bear with us folk's, we are trying our very best.


Thank you



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BTW, thanks to whoever it was working in the shop on saturday, was in there and walked off leaving my ticket on the counter. The lad (shortish with short greyish hair) kept it under the counter for me.


Nice one :applause:

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Guest Mottman

Bands have now been delivered and some will be available from the HJC shop [Opposite the Albert pub] tonight.

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Guest Pedro

Got mine in the post this morning.


I am, quite simply, chuffed to bits. :applause:


Thanks again to everyone involved.





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thanks for that


Mottman I've emailed you i you get a chance to have a look




Ps: is there any way they could be sold in Dublin?

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Guest L7_rdn

I ordered 20 bands by post (cheque) to Gerry's home address around about Feb 10th. Any idea when I can expect to see these?


Cheers and Keep up the good work!



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