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City of Liverpool FC

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City of Liverpool Football Club.




Tuesday 4th October 2016


Home (Bootle FC) v Oswestry Town 7.45pm kick off.


Best Winter Coat 

As everybody knows, Scousers invented football fashion.

Until our boys started going off to Europe in the mid 1970's, everyone at football matches was dressed abysmally. Budgie jackets, Birmo bags (kecks) and even 3 star jumper's were spotted every now and then?

Within a few short years, everyone was dressing like us (well sort of!) and then claiming to have started the trend, but everybody knows the true strory.

Since then terrace fashions have developed, but one thing does not change; scousers want to look good at the match, starting with the trainees and the jeans, but most importantly with the Winter Coats.

So COLFC is running a Winter Coat Competition, to find the best dressed COLFC supporter this winter.

We have a panel of experts to consider entries including Jockey (owner of scouse super-brand Transalpino), Thomas Keiner (German national who moved to Liverpool because of scouse terrace fashions) Chairmao (once very dapper but now too fat to carry off anything good) & Daniel Nicholson (owner of Distant Echo & Steeple Pine).

We will be awarding points for Style, Artistic Impression, Accesorising & Scouse Attitude and invite entries via Photogragh only at any COLFC match home or away.

We will display some of the entries on this page moving forward, so send your photographs to contact@colfc.co.uk using the subject "Winter Coat"

The winner may well win some kind of Prize, but much more importantly will be the Kudos of being COLFC's best dressed supporter (both Adult & Junior prizes will be awarded).

Rare night off work for me, get yer coats out for the lads...

Dependant upon weather conditions of course???


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