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  1. Is that Wilcox with the yellow shirt and red and white cap at 2.14? It looks like him, but that would mean he didn't really change in 20-30 years, because he looked exactly as I knew him in the late 90s.... He must be early 30s there?
  2. http://www.colfc.co.uk/news/ The team from Gillette Soccer Saturday featuring Johnny Phillips are coming to film about COLFC on Saturday 10th December at the home game with Holker OB, with the film going out the following Saturday 17th December. Johnny will be looking to interview Directors, Management, Players & Partisans. As well as the home game with Holker and Sky Sports visiting, the 10th is also our Christmas Party, so maybe Johnny & the Team will join us at the Picturedrome to carry on filming. Anyway, the 10th is gonna be a boss day and perhaps this could be our first
  3. Looking good at present, wait until the New Year and then judge us then.
  4. City of Liverpool Football Club. http://www.colfc.co.uk/ Tuesday 4th October 2016 Home (Bootle FC) v Oswestry Town 7.45pm kick off. Best Winter Coat As everybody knows, Scousers invented football fashion. Until our boys started going off to Europe in the mid 1970's, everyone at football matches was dressed abysmally. Budgie jackets, Birmo bags (kecks) and even 3 star jumper's were spotted every now and then? Within a few short years, everyone was dressing like us (well sort of!) and then claiming to have started the trend, but everybody knows the true strory. Since then terrace fashio
  5. This is another sad story, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03s9ds1
  6. Our highest recorded gates FA Cup - 61,905 Vs Wolves League - 58,757 Vs Chelsea Europe - 55,104 Vs Barcelona
  7. The QPR V Liverpool picture. This is QPR away in 74, we won 1.0 Brian Hall scored early on. This was the open end, that is now the home end. We just about got in thousands of red's turned up, the gates got locked early on. An announcement was made over the tannoy that nurses from the local hospital would be walking around the pitch holding bed sheets for people to throw money into to help them. A couple of bottles got lashed at the police as they escorted the nurses the police picked on the lad wearing the red hat, it wasn't him and he got lashed out. It was some lads standing behind him, b
  8. 1987 - 1988 Yes please. It's on, go team Tricky Reds.
  9. Enjoy... https://vimeo.com/169266197 Those where the day's.
  10. Signed up for two when our lads where youngsters, 10,473 and 10,474 on the list at present. Both of the lads are nearly 30, madness, I'll be long gone by the time the season tickets come good.
  11. The Gangs of Liverpool by Michael Magilwee. A riveting journey into the dark but compelling criminal history of England's toughest City.
  12. We stood in our usual place in the middle of them, it was f***ing horrible both times they scored. Loads of trouble at the end of the match, I recall 3 or 4 coppers trying to restore some kind of order, argy bargy walking down to County Road to get the bus home.
  13. Who would have thought we'd of sold out a friendly game at Wembley. Do you think our ticket office would have copied with that demand? The "New" Main stand is a little behind with it's completion, I did hear of the possibility of us playing our first 3 or 4 games all away from home to enable the builders to pull their fingers out.
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