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  1. Has anyone seen the Amazon Original, first episode of This is Football- 'Redemption' (Rwanda Reds)? It's a documentary of a group of Liverpool fans in Rwanda, who have supported each other through their common love of all things LFC, after the Rwandan genocide in the 90's. The things the people of Rwanda must have gone through, I knew about it at the time, but hey what did it have to do with me? It makes you realise how lucky we are in this country, the petty stresses and annoyances. My god I can’t even image having a game of football with the knob head a few doors down who keeps the stre
  2. Just got a confirmation email from LFC, to say they have 2000 new season tickets available. Unfortunately, I'm not in the top 2000. After nearly 10 years on the waiting list I'm now storming to the top at number 25,384. More than a full attendance at Valley parade away. Anyone made it? I heard they don't give you much time to cough up the dough to buy one when they're finally available. But there's time to save....
  3. Rodgers has been a good player coach with some, that's proven. But as a club manager, where responsibility extends beyond the practice pitch he needs more experience, whether that is at LFC or not. He needs to recognise his weaknesses, like admitting he needed help- like some experienced defensive coach after last season
  4. brouhaha

    Gigs 2014+

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/32926729/emily-eavis-got-death-threats-after-booking-kanye-west-at-glastonbury Glastonbury will never be how it used to be. I can't remember Eavis getting death threats when he stopped giving out free milk, or introducing cash points on site. If you don't like rap, go to HappyDaze festival down the road...
  5. Or as previously alluded, he's coming to make it look like FSG have their fingers on the pulse and to prove it a big gun is coming, so they can proclaim that although Rodgers has been a very naughty boy, we told him, and in no uncertain terms, that he must do better next season or he'll be in even more trouble. Left up to Rodgers, and if they're prepared to listen to him, I'd bet he could talk his way out of it. Ha! Might get a ticket then through the fiasco of the members online ticket sale
  6. Here's me thinking Gerrard was orchestrating a Rafa comeback!
  7. Einstein said it was the sign of insanity. I'd agree, I mean, look at his eyes!!!
  8. These Jurno articles are stating the obvious. What FSG might be planning/ thinking, how it can't happen again next season.... It doesn't address the fact he's probably lost the dressing room, I mean 1-3, 6-1 on the bounce can't be a blip, they were all playing miserably. He's treated/ talked about/ blamed some players abysmally, Especially for someone whose been lauded a top 'man manager'. If he is going I'm glad it hasn't been leaked, and we're all speculating because of it. he deserves the respect of hearing it first and to his his face. But if he is going why make him wait till June?
  9. CNN were saying 'the little black box' emits an ultra sonic wave that can be detected 100's of miles away under water, which I thought should reduce the search area somewhat?
  10. that would be boss, but i recon he's off to Paris. we should bid 25m for the goal machine anyway
  11. does anyone know when the ticket sales info will come out? i feel like an eager Ryanair passenger just before they call for boarding
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