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  1. bsl


    Sorry to read this sad news mate
  2. bsl


    I'm fine mate, mine is small and I don't need treatment yet. Fingers crossed for your mum that things are better than they seem.
  3. bsl


    Hi downunder, can I ask, is it clear that she has pancreatic cancer? The reason I ask is because I have a neuroendocrine cancer of the pancreas myself but it's often confused with pancreatic cancer. It's most definitely not the same thing and treatments and recovery from both diseases differ massively. I know from my own experience that people hear "pancreas" and "cancer" and don't hear anything else. Best wishes to you mum, regardless, obviously.
  4. bsl


    Games starting isn't contingent on zero positives. The testings is merely to allow those who test positive to isolate themselves to stop spreading the virus.
  5. bsl


    Yeah that would be clever, nobody else would think of that.
  6. bsl


    This "southern/tory" shout is puerile. Not least because the people who hate us the most are in our own region.
  7. bsl

    Any running folk on here

    Has anyone hired a treadmill? If so, any tips, and good companies to use. I'm in Liverpool.
  8. bsl


    I can't see the point of following a sport for years then being prepared to cast the competitive element aside so easily. It would be akin to declaring that we've all been watching exhibition matches since August.
  9. That red one above is exactly what we're getting. The Black and yellow are someone's mock ups. When you see the green abomination for the away kit you'll beg for that yellow liver bird one instead.
  10. bsl


    Yes let's get gambling firms to work out a solution. What could go wrong?
  11. bsl


    I've got Death Stranding there but only got as far as the start of the first mission. I was expecting something a little zen, but it looks like it's gonna be collecting bottle tops and fighting bosses. Can anyone who's played it more she'd any light on what to expect?
  12. He's in a hospice, it's a bad sign. My wife has recovered twice from lymphoma, once on her spine, and her mobility was in severe jeopardy. Looks like this guy was discovered too late.
  13. bsl


    Do you mean just get FIFA20 the sim the last 9 games? Brilliant idea if so!
  14. Porcupine Tree reissue/Remaster of In Absentia.
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